Update 11/29/2020

We are currently seeing patients in the office.  You will get a reminder call with our COVID 19 instructions prior to your appointment.    

  1. Take your temperature before leaving the house and reschedule if over 99 degrees.  You must reschedule if you have ANY symptoms related to COVID 19.
  2. Please wait in your car and we will call you when we are ready to greet you.  This allows time for cleaning between patients and avoids contact between patients.  
  3. If you have a companion, they must stay in the car unless you physically need them to assist you.
  4. You must wear a tight fitting cloth or surgical mask to cover both mouth and nose.
  5. Please update your health record in the patient portal and review and sign the first 4 forms in the “medical form” tab.
  6. Please check in online and pay any outstanding balance or copay for your visit.  

If you have breast symptoms, do not delay care.  If you are established with Dr. Stanley, you can call the office or email Beni (see below).  Otherwise, please call your primary care office to obtain a referral.


Dr. Mary Stanley’s breast surgery practice fosters an environment of kindness and support for her patients. Dr. Stanley strives to provide excellent care and education for patients and their families.  She is a surgeon who works in close collaboration with oncologist, pathologists, radiologists and other surgeons in the region.

Dr. Stanley is a proud member of HealthFirst, an organization for independent providers in Vermont.