Update 3/26/2020

Due to the coronavirus, my office is closed.  If you have an upcoming appt or imaging please do not call the office.   We will be in touch with you to reschedule or offer a telemedicine visit.  The preferred method of contact is my patient portal.  If you don’t have an account, you can sign up via this website.

The portal will help us maintain a record of communication while we work remotely to accommodate your needs.

If you do not wish to navigate the portal, you can email Beni at:


If you have a breast related emergency, call the office number 497-3370.  Limiting office calls to emergencies will reduce the strain on the answering service during this time.  Thank you for your consideration.  Those of you currently in active treatment will be seen, though your date and time may be adjusted.  We will contact you.



Update 3/12/2020:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I am suspending all “non-urgent elective” encounters both in my office and in the operating room.  The only exceptions will be cancer operations, new consultations for cancer patients, post op visits from recent surgeries, and those patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy.  I am available to do ultrasound guided core biopsies of highly suspicious breast masses after review.  If you have an upcoming “non-urgent” appointment, you will receive a call with instructions.  Please be patient as we strive to keep the community safe and healthy.  Most cancelled appointments will not be rescheduled until we know more about recommended restrictions.  All screening mammograms have been postponed in efforts to conserve resources and enforce social distancing.  I will not be seeing patients in lieu of a cancelled mammogram.

For those who have upcoming appointments, I am offering telephone visits to discuss your health, any concerns, review of recent imaging and coordination of care.  An appropriate telemedicine bill will be submitted to your insurance company but we will waive any copay.  If you have an issue that would benefit from a video call, I do have that capability and can send you a link for that service.  This service would also be billed as an office visit and again a copay will be waived.  

Fortunately portal conversations will also be covered under most insurance plans.  Though these payments may be nominal, it will all help to keep my office open in the coming months and retain my excellent staff. 

Most importantly, be safe during this unprecedented time.



Dr. Mary Stanley’s breast surgery practice fosters an environment of kindness and support for her patients. Dr. Stanley strives to provide excellent care and education for patients and their families.  She is a surgeon who works in close collaboration with oncologist, pathologists, radiologists and other surgeons in the region.

Dr. Stanley is a proud member of HealthFirst, an organization for independent providers in Vermont.